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Most people that smile at you are not your friends. Trust no one!

Good Morning World!! Thank you for all the Blessings and Birthday wishes... Another year wiser!!!

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“Good Morning World! Thank you for all the Blessings and Birthday wishes. Another year wiser!

Memories! So true! One of my best friends and I don't really talk anymore since we moved up to the middle school

I think that the only reason why people hold on to memories so tight, for so long is because memories are the only things that don't change even when people do


Be careful who you trust

The past...is just that...forget about it!

hard to remember. but true!


I am learning the power of "no" to things I hate, and "yes" to the things that make life worth living. And that my friends makes me happy.

An Honest enemy is always better than a friend how lies. Pay less attention to what people say ans more attention to what people do their actions will show truth

i love people who arent afraid to have fun and laugh about sily thing

the best kinds of people

People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live.you affected their lives, they didn`t affect yours. This is so so true! Anthony and I were just talking about it! So true!


Food for thought.

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

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Yaani, clean your feet at the door before entering.


Yeah I'm done caring. If no one cares about me then I don't care about any one else

You know these days when you feel really good, but in the next moment you break down, cry and want to die?

Yeah feel like this a lot lately more so now I can't stop thinking about the woman I love it's like a part of me has already died and is dying a little every day to bad there isn't much time left ashlee

Omg. My parents don’t ask for anything but hint all the time. They get SO angry if you don’t pick up on it. They think we are being disrespectful or we don’t love them.

And, of course, the conversation where YOU apologize for being passive aggressive, and then promise to work on it (and actually mean it). 17 Conversations All Passive Aggressive People HAVEN'T Had

I Will...

Blue Bortell you are a lying cheating piece off shit !