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A formation of American Navy Avenger planes the versatile torpedobombers that have helped rout the Japanese naval force in several battles in the Pacific.

The USS Bunker Hill aircraft carrier being attacked by Japanese planes during the US air raid of the island of Rabaul - 11 November 1943. Photo by W. Eugene Smith

As their submarine’s stern begins to sink, crewmen of U-664 break out their life rafts and abandon ship following a successful attack by TBF Avengers and F4F Wildcats of Composite Squadron from the escort carrier Card.

japanese military art | Midway 70 Years Later: Forces Engaged – 4 June 1942 « Steeljaw ...

USS Enterprise (CV-6) prepares to launch her ill-fated torpedo squadron on the morning of 4 June 1942. The avenging dive bombers are already in the air.

"TBF (Avengers) flying in formation over Norfolk, Va." Attributed to Lt. Comdr. Horace Bristol, September 1942.