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"Now, don't be afraid. He only acts crazy. Don't make direct eye contact unless you want to start a staring contest. Oh, and if he offers you anything to eat, say no. He's tried multiple times to feed me bugs. Said it was some kind of experiment..."

Rustic modern outdoor space most divine area with two levels. Love the bamboo type cane chairs and rustic wooden steps pallet coffee tables and rustic lanterns

use inexpensive welded wire fabric over rough sawn 2x6 wood framing to support Hacienda Creeper vines. All this growth took less than one year. It's easy for them to climb the walls unassisted especially after we sandblasted the paint off the masonry block.

Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (40 Photos)

The last tiny house is a fairytale cottage. Ok, one more to see. A cabin just beyond in the woods.......