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Yes! Karl James Mountford

This is how I sometimes feel while working on a difficult project.

Over sized sweater for two. Cute!

Old people + handmade snuggie for two. I want to grow old with you.I want a relationship where I would be happy to wear this hideous snuggie sweater at You know old people stay cold anyways.

I knit (Can by bought as a t-shirt or sweatshirt here: http://www.captainleisuretees.com/s/T-Shirts/For-Her/I-Knit-Whats-Your-Superpower/session_c593be353d0b/)

Now I have something to wear while I knit. And yes, it's true!

MORE MEMES? Yes please! | THE NOOK

MORE MEMES? Yes please

Keifer Sutherland is knitting. Your argument is invalid

'Jack Bauer' knitting a gun cozy. Poster from a French newspaper showing Jack Bauer knitting a gun - it's an ad for TV on demand so the idea is that he won't have to wait any longer for 24 (May

I don't like the idea of dying, but when I do, I want this on my headstone too!

Putting the FUN in Funeral: It's Just What I Do

Today is plan your epitaph day. :: Dirt in the Ground – Lyrics by Tom Waits, Sweater by Theo Wright :: :: “Just Let Me Finish This Row” – Source Unknown :: :: It’s Cold Outs…