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Imagen de body, goals, and beauty

Imagen de body, goals, and beauty

Type of hats....

Get a nice trademark hat, or a different one for every day of the week! Nothing makes one feel more creative than having the perfect hat. Free Vintage Printable - Handy Hat Chart [Terminology for many recognizable hat styles from the -

Rhinestones and Telephones: sew miss fisher

These are examples of Cloche Hats. These were a very popular accessory of the time. They were very close to the head and worn low on the forehead. The short bob hair styles fit perfectly underneath.

June 1900

June 1900 - check out the amazing inlaid lace work, to the piles of things on her hat, and humorous look on her face.

Dickensian Dandy 1840-50’s

Unknown man in vintage photograph. This is probably Basil Gill, British film actor whose film career started with Henry VIII a short silent film.

France, 1909 vintage fashion 00s walking dress hat sheer sequins 10s

Corsetry, top hats and ruffles: 1900s fashion reimagined for the Edwardian Ball

1900 Any educated person knows this: the belle époque is the most unfortunate moment of dress. Corsets, polisones and feathered hats, but without the grace of the XVIII.

Edwardian fashion

Bird Millman was a Ziegfeld Follies girl and a high wire performer for Barnum & Bailey. This picture is beautiful