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Spider Toby... BEST THING EVER

Spider Toby, Spider Toby, does what ever a Spider Toby can. Will he spin from a web, no he won't he'll kill you dead. Look out here comes Spider Toby - Spider-Man

12 Signs You’re Deadpool: You're enthusiastic about life.

Hows that for a change, a World of Warcraft reference in a Comic book.

DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL #2 (of 4)  CULLEN BUNN (W) • SALVADOR ESPIN (A)  Cover by MICHAEL DEL MUNDO • Hope you’re not a Deadpool fan—he DIES in this issue! • Oh, but, uh…I hope you are a Deadpool fan, because, like…there are a lot of Deadpools in this issue. LOTS. • TIME TO THIN THE DEADPOOL HERD!  32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

the cover for deadpool kills deadpool 2 mike del mundo and i put our heads together for this cover. hope you diggit! art by: concept by me, pillsbury deadpool and exploding toilet by me

Oh Deadpool - Imgur

Oh Deadpool

Headcanon: Anything drawn by Steve Dillon takes place in an AU of Preacher. Here, Punisher is Jesse, Deadpool is Cassidy, and the brute is Herr Starr.