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Officers and Jawans of 4 Horse standing on a destroyed Pakistani tank during Indo-Pak War ‪#‎GJC1965‬

An IDF soldier helping an older Arab man. This picture shows the truth about what Israeli soldiers are really like.

Imber Village

The Ghost village of Imber, Wiltshire #UK. In 1943 the residents of Imber were given just 47 days notice to pack and leave by the British government so that American soldiers could use the village as battle practice before D Day .It is still standing and every Christmas people are allowed back in to worship at the church

US, Russia step up war of words over missile shield - May 13, 2016 - Soldiers stand guard during ground breaking ceremony of the northern section of defence anti-missile shield in Redzikowo military base in northern Poland, May 13, 2016

An IDF Photo You Will Never See On BBC Or CNN

Israeli Soldiers Shielding Arab Civilians! - a picture has emerged from the fighting that shows how real soldiers act–Israeli soldiers shielding Arab civilians, including three small children, with their own bodies during a Hamas rocket attack.

Standing with Israel (via Debra Haley).--Wish they didn't have to live this the shadows of all the nations that want to wipe them out. (mkc)

IDF Woman soldier. God bless and keep them all, particularly the women, keep them and their virtue safe, Lord.

WWI; Portrait of two unidentified Australian soldiers of the 1st Division wearing sheepskin vests and mittens to ward off the cold. The standing soldier wears rubber over-pants.