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Sergo Ordjonikidze.Ordjonikidze was a Georgian Bolshevik of noble stock- one of Stalin's closest friends, he was admired for his generosity and kindness. He was very close with Yezhov prior to 1937; their dachas were next door to each other and their wives mixed socially.

Sergei Kirov.Leningrad Party boss, Stalin's best friend, his assassination provided a ready-made excuse for Stalin to invent various 'terrorist' groups and in doing so, take out his old political enemies.

Vyacheslav Molotov.Stalin's oldest deputy, Molotov was known as 'stone-ass' because he could sit for hours and hours at a desk- he was Stalin's workhorse, and while not stupid, lacked the bonhemie and bantering chops that many of Stalin's other underlings possessed. Molotov was always blindly loyal to Stalin and enthusiastic about executions. He died in the 80s, unrepentant.

The Romanov's loyal friends and servants were also murdered by the Bolsheviks in late 1918.

Stalin Propaganda Poster (1937) Caption reads: 'Thanks to the Party, Thanks to Dear Stalin for a Happy, Joyful Childhood'

Caption: "As the Great Terror escalated, Stalin surrounded himself with Georgians like Grigori "Sergo" Odzhonikidze and the despicable Lavrenty Beria. Like many of the Old Bolsheviks, Sergo did not survive the Terror; he simply knew too much about Stalin."

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