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Sweet Secrets. 1980s toys. I always wanted one but never got it. I'm still bummed about it!

I remember these toys. I remember collecting them. Now I think the only place you can find them is at swap meets or antique stores.

arcade paperboy - YouTube

Remember playing Paper Boy on the old computers at school? Oh, my gosh!

ZEBRA GUM!!!!! This was (and still is) my absolute favorite gum! I remember putting the "wrapper tattoos" on my tongue!

Yikes, stripes, fruit striped gum, it's the yummy fruity one.

tta3395_original_drinking_bird_4__08392.jpg (320×475)

tta3395_original_drinking_bird_4__08392.jpg (320×475)

Sweet secrets - I liked the idea of this because it involved keeping a secret from your parents.

They weren't the coolest toys, but I had a few. A cat. and a bear, I think.

my first calculator

Vintage 1976 texas instruments little professor calculator/math tutor

And pokemon. The original.

I was born in late 1997 so I'm more of an early kid but I remember every single thing on this list, cause it's my childhood(: