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Not cleaned up yet but, a cheap easy way to do your own french manicure. 1. Buy the little circle band aids and stick them on your nails leaving room to paint the tips. 2. Paint the nail area with two coats and allow them to dry a little bit. 3. Peel band aids off and apply a top coat. (If you want a gem on, pick it up with the wet tip of a toothpick and apply to nail while top coat is still tacky. Apply another top coat over nail and gem.) 4. When dry, clean up the excess polish on your…

16. Use a band-aid to get tiny polka dots.Band-Aids also create the PERFECT French manicure tip.

This video demonstrates how to make nail art inspired by the character Poison Ivy. You'll need a nail file, three non-fabric Band-Aids, scissors, toothpicks, green metallic and gold nail polish, and top coat. First file nails into a square shape. Cut each Band-Aid in half. Paint over entire nail with metallic green and let dry. Cover the lower part of the nail with the Band-Aids, and paint the tips with metallic gold polish, let dry, and remove Band-Aids. Create a vine design on each nail by…

Household Items That Want to Be Beauty Products | Band-Aids as Nail-Art Tools: Use the aerated part of a Band-Aid to paint perfect polka dots onto your nails.

Use Band-Aids to create polka dot nail art. Apply the Band-Aid to the nail, paint on the polish, peel off the Band-Aid immediately and voila! Easiest nail art ever.

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