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10 stunning vintage home libraries

10 STUNNING VINTAGE HOME LIBRARIES_see more inspiring articles at

Why fill an attic with boxes and bins when you could convert it into a lofty library, instead? Dream life goals

36 Fabulous home libraries showcasing window seats

Ah-ha! Next office I will try something like this! A place to sit & read, but not a place I can easily fall asleep, and definitely not a place where people will steal my office for a guest room :) // I need this!

Out of Print Library Card Socks - Blue

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Plan 40444DB: Exceptional French Country Manor

Obviously the scale of this is wildly mammoth, but it WOULD be cool to have a mini library in the new office of all the APO-related books that people are fine with other people borrowing! (e.g., Good Guys, Black Greek, What Color is Your Parachute)