The Art Of Up-Cycling: Cool Things To Make With Paper, Recycle Paper, Super Cool ....;))))

Many people will agree on this that we get the most creative ideas while sitting on our potty seats. Such creative art pieces made from toilet rolls are the reflection of such ideas. Read through for seven examples of creative artworks made using toilet p

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The tiny toilet paper scenes depict domestic bliss – people are sitting calmly in rocking chairs, shopping or looking out the window. The calm domesticity is a subtle reference to the humble origins of the toilet paper roll.

30 Examples of Toilet Paper Roll Arts

Miniature Worlds Created Inside Toilet Paper Rolls. While most throw out those brown toilet paper rolls when they reach the end of the roll, Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias recycles them and creates tiny magical worlds inside.

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Apparently few men thought of how to turn a toilet roll into a work of art. So these toilet roll paper crafts appear so outstanding. Anastassia Elias, a

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Artist Anastassia Elias' worlds of inside of toilet paper tube, too creative, I wonder how long it took to make these, kudos.

Anastassia Elias

These creations might be a bit beyond your average crafter, but they are beautiful to look at nonetheless. Artist Anastassia Elias mounts miniature papercut scenes inside toilet rolls, producing a tiny, layered world inside a very unlikely object.