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Vietnam and Cambodia have granted lengthy licenses that allow a Vietnamese entrepreneur to operate greyhound racetracks in both countries. Tell both governments to revoke the licenses and ban this brutal sport that turns innocent dogs into creatures of entertainment.

>>>URGENT!!! "TELO" NEEDS A LOVING HOME ASAP!!! PLEASE RESCUE OR ADOPT!!! Very lovable!!! CANTON, OHIO...Owner surrender. Avaukabke fior immediate adoption. $ 86.00 fee includes license, 4 way shot, Bordetella vaccine, flea treatment if necessary. Some dogs are also wormed, Heartworm tested. $50.00 goes to the cost of spay/neuter and rabies. We...

I am watching you walking away from me in can't be aren't going to let me die here...surely you will turn any second now and say it was a joke...DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE! PLEASE! COME BACK!!

Gustavo Sanches - NYC 22 year old international model Photographer of lots of things Model backed by: Specimen MGT Fusion NYC City Paris Milan ↓ Click Links ↓ [ Home | Self Photos | About Self ] [ Ask Box | Photos I Take ] [ Instagram: ] [ Archive ] |

We can't stop following cute cats on Instagram, but perhaps the most photogenic are the smush-faced breeds. (And by photogenic, we mean adorably grumpy-looking.) Brachycephalic cats, including Exotic Shorthairs and Himalayans, are becoming increasingly