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Oh The Places You'll Go typographic print navy by EruptPrints

Inspired by the gorgeous Dr Seuss book and quote Oh, The Places Youll Go!, this print aims to inspire and motivate young or old(er)!

12 inspirational hand-lettering projects | Webdesigner Depot

12 inspirational hand-lettering projects

Cake toppers for each cake. Love messages written in icing, flour, and pie crust! Lovely handmade food typography by Nina Harcus. Photo by Nina Harcus.

My Mashup of Inspiration - Tech with Jen

DIY Cupcake Holders

Book Steal Like An Artist short but filled with ideas to make you think

Hoogspanning!: More Dutch Safety Posters - 50 Watts

Harris Lewine (art Director) Tom Carnase (Letterer) Book Jacket for Beards this would have been awesome if the the eyes and beard were the same weight

Quite Continental

An entry from Quite Continental