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Smiling Cat-- put a little orange ribbon around his neck

Cat Plush Folk Wool Charcoal Cat by Marjji on toy toy toy product

Cats and Geeks

Cats and Geeks

kitty cat

Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #92


Whiskey loved to do the pirate's "Drunken Sailor" jig.Whenever he passed by the Treasure Chest.

"Nyan!" by Allison Reimold

23 Memes Get The Pop Art Treatment

It's Nyan Cat AND a Pop Tart. Philosophers have lost their minds pondering less important questions.

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Diy Bunny Plush Doll Tutorial I had so much fun creating this quirky little bunny doll. I'm planning to gift this to Jeremy's niece, Isabella, for Easter.