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Q-tip skeletons

Cotton Swab (Q-Tip) Skeletons

Barnyard Farm Theme Treat Sacks Birthday Party Goody Bags

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Barnyard Farm Theme Treat Sacks Rooster Cow Pig Birthday Party Goody Bags OR a craft ideas…. socks or paper bags?

"Name Skeletons"  If I teach 5th grade, I'm doing this!  Look closely:  students folded white paper in half, wrote their names in cursive, and cut out around their names - this formed the body.  They added the head, arms, and legs then mounted their "name skeletons" on black construction paper!

Name Skeletons: fold white paper in half, write name in cursive and cut out to form skeleton's body. Mount on black construction paper and add head, arms, and legs. What a fun idea to do with kids!

Old school book

When did 'arithmetic' change to 'math'? When I was a child, the word 'arithmetic' struck fear into my heart. As it was for Barbie , math wa.


I'd love to get this from my kid.Handprint Great idea for simple Mother's Day (or Father's Day) gift.

6 Black and White Crafts for Halloween: Easy Q-Tip Handprint Skeleton Craft

The Prettiest Halloween Paper Craft Lanterns Ever

Learn how to make a q-tip handprint skeleton craft for kids to make! All you need is white paint, q-tips and glue. It's a fun halloween art project for them. (Diy Halloween How To Make)


Mrs. Hendricks' 2nd Grade Classroom Art Projects

Hand drawn turkey

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