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Yeah I can relate to this for sure! Just happens to be Jordan's all time favorite place to shop!! Ughhh what have I created! Lol

My best friend and I recently went looking for jeggings at an Abercrombie and when we asked for a size 4 and the "sales associate" (if that's what you want to call her) literally said "Ohh.we don't usually have too many of the LARGER sizes on hand".


I call my cat a traitor because he will leave me to go cuddle with my sister.

Bill Devlin jokes about weed.

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Spoiler DINNER on http://www.drlima.net

Endlich eine sinnvolle Verwendung für den Heckspoiler

Finally somebody found the use of it. Too large car wings & spoilers.

My husband deserves this cake. I'm sorrys aren't cuttin it anymore! Poor guy!

Do you think any man would bake a cake that says, "sorry I'm a grumpy asshole"? Probs not, so this grumpy bitch won't be baking any apology cake any time soon.

Rob Little jokes about his family.

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The nerve of some people.

Am I the only one who would have wondered why he turned around in the first place?

Haha that bold period means a lot!

The Period. Shit just got real. Double period = you will die.