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Nobody will understand my smoking habit , but its the pain anger and hurt i let flow in the smoke of cigarettes

Recapturing the Spirit of Mens’ Style

Nobody will understand my smoking habbit , but its the pain anger and hurt i let flow in the smoke of cigarettes.

young #man with #tattoo sleeve cuddling his #dog

17 Adorable Dog Dads Who Are Crazy In Love With Their Pups

I never pin hot guys..but good god this kid gives me shivers. Sorry, I had to do it.

franksstupidsuit: “vogue-copenhagen: “ ilymorgannn: “ how is this legal ” lady boner ” Stephen James’ tattoos are so sick, Salvador Dali portrait sleeve, his torso and back pieces as well ” Wtf😍

This week's #HunkDay theme....Yup, Hot men with Cats!  Could've used these 2 when a mouse was literally chasing me around my apt last night....(true story - embarrassingly enough)

Guy with Tattoos + Kitten snugly time. This could go in various boards: kitties, ink, or this one because it combines kitties and a tattooed guy who snuggles with kitties. This board won.

tattooed man with a beard. Love his hair too.

Here is a set of pictures of modern beard styles. At our barbershop we're starting to get more customers ask for thick facial hair styles like the hipster beard. We have quite a few look books and pic

ThanksHot Boys with Tattoos awesome pin....can i get one for Christmas?

52 barbudos tatuados

It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you. Some kind of Romantic Some kind of Bitter Sweet This is simply all the things I find beautiful.

Guide - Casual Gentleman Look                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

Guide - Casual Gentleman Look

Name's Aron. Riley is my sister. I'm 18 and single *wink*. I'm flirty, rebellious, and easily angered, and when I am, you want to get as far away from me as possible.

The Alpha's Nightmare - {02} I Won't Hurt You Anymore

Pag 205 - Não é o que parece ... Segundo Tenente, Lance Oakley, US ARMY.

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Dear men (not boys trying to act grown), a loving, devoted, attentive, affectionate FATHER (not just a sperm donor) is inexplicably attractive. Let me say that again... An invested dad is GORGEOUS. (p.s. the beard and tats are just sexy lagniappe)am in LOVE with this pic the baby looks like Cali to me!!

13 Reasons You Should Be Dating A Lumbersexual Right Now

there are so many things I love about this picture.boys with kids, babies, his beard, his tattoos, father and son pictures.need I say more?

tattoos and suit.... so hot

Farewell letter from

tattoos and suit. Who is this man and why am I So attracted to neck tattoos well just tattoos in general ! I mean, holy moly :) men-i-can-t-lie-i-love-them-when-they-dont-speak