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MOST RELATABLE MOONWALKER THING EVER. (Oh good, I thought it was just me.)

I thought I was the only one, thank goodness. We, your Moonwalkers, are very sorry Michael. We understand that you must have seen something in her, but we just can't accept that she caused you so much pain and sadness.

"Tout le monde vois ceci :" ... "Personne ne vois ceci :" ... Vrai. Les gens ne voient que ce que montre les médias. Les mauvais moments ou les mensonges, les médias diffusent les pires trucs pour gâcher la vie des stars... Félicitations, vous avez bien gâcher celle de Michael.  _MoonwalkersAroundTheWorld_

The media would rather show him as a freak than a beautiful, caring soul

Michael Apple Jackson

Michael Apple Jackson

Funny Meme – [my friend decided to spice up for coffee jar]

I hate when they put words on the pictures. I just love MJ so much in these pics I had to pin them.

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Honestly, with how some of my fellow fans are, he could literally wear one of my shirts and they'd love it. mind you, i am a thin, tall female and i am saying he could wear one of my shirts.


What ya thinking, Michael? "Is this name card really necessary? Seriously, who DOESN'T know who I am?" ahahah :) You give me butterflies inside Michael.