What they are learning as they play: [Recognising numerals, counting using 1:1 correspondence, matching numbers and amounts, recognizing small sets, fine motor skill and control, problem solving skills]

Counting and Maths Skills with Play Dough

The Imagination Tree: Counting & maths skills with play dough, matchsticks & wooden numerals (",)

Make some jet black, sparkly play dough for space, robot, or moon related imaginary play times! How cool is this play dough?! We have made it for a friend’s birthday party today and I’m loving the silver sparkles combined with the jet black dough. It would be fabulous for using Continue reading Black Sparkle Space Play Dough

Black Sparkle Space Play Dough

Black Sparkle Space Play Dough - 2 cups of flour * cup of salt * cups of boiling water * 2 tbsp oil * 2 tbsp cream of tartar * a few drops of glycerine * 1 tbsp black powder paint * silver glitter

Putting right amt of beads onto pipe cleaners. Next time, don't use fuzzy pipe cleaners. Use masking tape so numbers don't fall off. Needed supervision.

Putting the right number of beads on numbered pipe cleaners. For therapy, have kids "draw straws", say that number of their target words/name that many things in a category/etc, then they choose beads they want and place them on pipe cleaner

Use this for number kanji and put the right amount to blossoms on the tree and in the bento box

Free Printable Tree Play Dough Counting Mats 1-10

Play dough number mats for numbers These adorable number mats are great for fine motor skills! Kids use ten-frames, counting and learn numerals and number words with these simple play dough mats.

Ghost Bead Count and Lace ... for math and fine motor.

Ghost Bead Count and Lace . for math and fine motor. I might change the ghosts - But I like the idea!

Spaghetti Towers | Pre-school Play

Spaghetti Towers - love this. Threading pasta onto spaghetti stood into playdough. Great for fine motor skills!

Here's a terrific set of cards for making patterns using beads.

FREE printable Math: Patterning Objectives Make these ab, abb, abba, abc cards with a string/beads in ziplock baggies for students to do after they have finished other work but allows them to continue practicing.