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Explore Dirty War, Choreographed Election and more! Departing at Dawn: A Novel of Argentina's Dirty War eBook: Gloria Lisé, Alice Weldon: Kindle Store

Dirty Wars (BOOK)--Presents an exposâe of secret war programs being conducted behind the scenes of the War on Terror, revealing the human consequences of night raids, drone strikes, and other unofficial "dirty-war" tactics. Guerrillas and Generals: The Dirty War in Argentina eBook: Paul H. Lewis: Kindle Store The Catholic Church and Argentina's Dirty War (9780190234270): Gustavo Morello: Books

Two Americans are presumed dead and nine people are trapped in a cabin after an avalanche in the remote Andes. With food supplies dwindling, these unlikely companions are forced to extremes and discover they are bound by more than their surroundings – each has a secret that links them to Argentina’s Dirty War.

The Legacy of Argentina’s Dirty War Is a Problem for Lots of People

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