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This is when you know your ghetto !!!!! Hahahah

Morning coffee (40 photos)

Classy Marriage Proposal Fail - Church's Chicken - Shineka Will You Marry Me?: I think the guy that did this gets extra points for creativity but the church's c

From a fan. I feel like the Queen of Meme.

There’s no F in way…

There’s no F in way // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I laughed way to hard at this!

That is customer service at its finest…I love the framed bacon, lol

That is customer service at its finest…

"Yeah! Come at me"

"Yeah! Come at me"

Terry Crews is hilaaarious! I love Jason Statham in this picture. I love him all the time, but here he's super cute lol

More Tragic First World Problems - FB TroublemakersFB Troublemakers

Funny pictures about This is here to ruin your day. Oh, and cool pics about This is here to ruin your day. Also, This is here to ruin your day.

I have tried to go through this many times and not laugh. I have never been successful.

Wat lady meme turned into different memes. wat-old-lady-meme-compilation Source by

Dora the Exploder

Swiper No Surviving

Swiper No Surviving. Swiper No Surviving coming to a theatre near you. HOLD THE PHONE OP if its directed by micheal bay then why isn't dora an 18 year old latina with DD titties? Swiper No Surviv