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An Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt lived in the early 1900’s and started his career as a decorator. He is probably most famous for his painting named “The Kiss”. 1. The first step is to give the students black construction paper, magazines with lots of people in them, scissors and a glue stick. Instruct the students to … Read More

Girl with the pearl earring, her image is seen all around the world. Yet her identity remains unclear. By Johannes Vermeer 17th century.

Ernie Barnes. Considered to be one of the greatest and most influential black artists of the 20th C. He was the real creator of J.J.s body of work on the television show Good times

Impression, soleil levant (Claude Monet) this is one of the most beautiful paintings I think I've ever seen.

Japanese Woodcut by Sadanobu Hasegawa IV, A 20th century Japanese painter and printmaker. He belongs to a famous family of woodcut artists.

Waterhouse, John William (1849-1917) in 1900c. by Ralph Winwood Robinson John William Waterhouse was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter who is most famous for his paintings of female characters from Greek and Arthurian mythology.