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Italian artist Vittorio Ciccarelli experiments in all fields of photography and his series entitled “Amabili Resti” presents classical paintings in a simple yet varied juxtapositions. He was also featured back in November 2013.

“Carpet vandalist” and installation artist Faig Ahmed is from and based out of Baku, Azerbaijan. Taking one of the most iconic symbols of the East, the Persian rug, he changes its traditional form to a more modern contemporary style.

Mark Khaisman is an artist based out of Philadelphia who creates portraits with translucent packing tape. “Tape reflects everything in human nature from practicality and banality to democratic techniques, used one way or another, in everyone’s tactile experience.”

Mad artist Armando Veve has been producing intriguing art since the day he first put pen to paper. Armando is BFA graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and his illustrations have been published in the New York Times.

Getting a tattoo on your tongue is not as painful as getting a tattoo on many other areas of your body. In fact, tongue tattoos are considered relatively painless. The procedure is essentially the same as with any other tattoo, with the exception that the tattoo artist uses a tool to keep your tongue out and still.