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Les mysteres de l'ouest 2 - La Nuit D'Un Monde Nouveau - YouTube

Les mysteres de l'ouest 2 - La Nuit D'Un Monde Nouveau - YouTube

Glass bottles. More memories at DoYouRemember.com

baby bottles, are the bottles we had when we were little. I still think glass bottles are cooler than plastic.

Dippity-Do Ad That was the greatest stuff..   I used it, we all used it....I still remember the aroma....

1960s Beauty Ads Show That Our Attitudes Have Changed For The Better

Vintage Hair gel advertisment from a German Magazine.but every girl used a little "Dippity-Do" to fix her hair in place. I remember --My mom always had this on her dresser when I was growing up!

Bulova Wristwatch

vintage Bulova - l remember seeing this type of watch. I think my mother may have had her late mother's watch, and it looked very similar to this!

old school texting

passing notes in class.way before texting. lol this brings back so many fun memories trying not to be caught passing notes and finding new ways to fold them up ;

national costume dolls in plastic tubes -our aunt and uncle would visit my cousin in the military overseas and would bring us back dolls like this

national costume dolls in plastic tubes - had a collection of these, absolutely loved them.

HAHAHAHA, I remember more about my childhood than I thought I guess

My Barbie had a bed like this! Still have this heart pillow! my daughter has it in her Barbie stuff I passed down

Was just thinking of these the other day. How hard was it to snap those snaps! LF

The body shirt. I remember wearing them back in the day when low-rise pants were in style the first time, except then they were called "hip huggers". Heaven forbid our tummies showed like they do with the girls today :)