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This is the most accurate statement when describing why I started watching supernatural. Always been a Dean Girl lol.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

I am still convinced that the casting director secretly went back in time and had young Jared Padalecki play young Sam Winchester. There is no other explanation, k?< The third and fourth picture.

happy dean gif #spn

[gif] The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.Dean doing the Newsies jump and heel click = things that make me happy!<---The only reason I think Jensen did The Newsies jump was because he played in newsies.


"Years in Hell: 1 month on years in hell Has anyone else wondered if Bela is a demon yet?" I hadn't even thought about Bela being a Demon.

This is mesmerizing <-- It's Dean Winchester, what'd you expect?

[gif] Dean- boy that man can climb THIS IS HOT! <<<< I fangirled over that, and my and mom made fun of me for it<<<<<the man was a cheerleader.remember that

The laugh that can brighten up any room <3 #JensenAckles #Jibcon13 #ResumeWar

I am so glad Jensen is the genius behind Dean! But oh my goodness those first three pictures looks like he's giggling like a little girl

Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins Entertainment Weekly Special Hallowen 2017 photoshoot