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Image result for companies that cut down the rainforest

Image result for companies that cut down the rainforest

Monsanto – a Great Easy Explanation! Read it and you will stay away from their products, including GMO's!

Osgata vs Monsanto: Words cannot express how disappointed I am that this company exists in the world.

I don't know why they are wearing hazmat suits, but if it is to touch the corn, then I sincerely hope that isn't our food.

America! Where we shove our heads in the sand and pretend nothing bad is happening.

In 1913 Corn was farmer owned. later Corn is corporation owned. GMO & apparently you need to wear a Hazmat suit to touch it. -- I've read that these people (Monsanto) don't even eat their own food!

Make it nation-wide!  GMOs are ALREADY banned in many other countries - let's add OURS to the list!

Make it nation-wide! GMOs are ALREADY banned in many other countries - let's add USA to the list!


Art by Erica Pretty Eagle Moore “Created this to bring awareness to Share and Repost!

Come to Seattle to prevent an Arctic nightmare! See http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/05/14/how-you-can-help-prevent-arctic-nightmare

Seattle Refuses to Collaborate with Shell's Climate Cooking Arctic Ecotrocity

Flackcheck GLOBAL CLIMATE INSTABILITY MisleaderInChief? :-!  Climate Change Review - SciCheck - YouTube

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax. Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever's speech at the Nobel Laureates meeting July Ivar points out the mistakes which Obama makes in his speeches about global warming

It's the people who are crazy enough to think they can make a difference who usually do.

Human Trafficking in Virginia: Is There Hope Tonight? - The Average Advocate

How these Women are saving the Amazon

How These Women Are Saving The Amazon

KingPinner BobbyGinnings

Fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico on April near New Orleans, Louisiana - Getty Images

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The face of Evil.  Personified.

In Brilliant Letter, Lifelong Republican Resigns From Position After Donald Trump Nomination

Coexist. a Muslim child on the left and a Jewish child on the right, represents one of the longest conflicts in world religion, that is the conflict for control of Holy sites in Jerusalem between Israel a Jewish state  and Palestine an Islamic state.

My schooling and youth was in Beirut Lebanon and we had a motto: " Your God is yours, and the wattan (country) is for all". We of the 3 religions all lived in peace then. Maybe we should readopt this motto, and fight for it as a way of life.