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Check out Aiur on ReverbNation

Check out Aiur on ReverbNation

Words & Music Typography Poster

Láminas con Inspiración Musical

True or False? Word clouds are cool. Guitars are cool. Therefore guitar-shaped word clouds are cool.

art trippy music dream imagine acid psychedelic space stars trip colors universe tripping open your eyes illusion Psychedelic art Spiritual acid trip hallucinate open your mind follow your dreams expand your mind

("play me a dream" , written by previous poster, possibly the title, artist unknown.) idea for putting random things together

Music Art is my passion it's my gateway to happiness in a not so happy world..So to speak.

Writing Music - don't write music, but the way it flows from a pencil & becomes an awesome part of your life is excellent :-)

This Is Your Brain On Music [Infographic] How #music enters the brain, and what it does when it gets there. | Univ. of Florida via PopSci #k12 #education

The Psychology of Music Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Science category. Check out The Psychology of Music now!

Painting-Watercolor-Sue Primeau: Amadeus

Watercolor and black gesso on Arches cold pressed paper. My love of music, Mozart and a piano playing mother inspired this piece and a series of music based paintings. Prints and note cards also available.

It's language is a language which the soul alone understands but which the soul can never translate. ~ Arnold Bennett

A woman holding a violin approaching a piano key staircase to heaven.

If you know me you know I love and embrace music

Mistakes were made (34 Photos)

Music connects people yes that is so true a certain person came to mind when I saw this pic! I love him to death and we talk about music all the time! Especially marching band! MUSIC IS LIFE, LOVE, AND FAMILY