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Glorfindel, also known as Glorfindel of Rivendell, was an Elf-lord of a house of princes, one of the mighty of the Firstborn.

The last Leaves ... by RaffaelePicca on DeviantArt (detail)

f Barbarian spear snow mountains hills forest The last Leaves . by RaffaelePicca on DeviantArt (detail)

Wandering knights are a relatively uncommon sight in both Librarion and Hamdreign as most who would devote their lives to martial studying stick within the orders.

Allow me to enjoy how evil i look in this pose by theDURRRRIAN

Loish new art 2016

i've been digging pink lately! wanted to paint something with bright pastels and fashion-inspired. drawn in photoshop with an for more info on my artwork please visit loish.


"He spun from the shadows, a nightmare wraith, slung on the back of the demon horse that grinned with obsidian teeth."- writing from previous pinner I think


m Halfling Rogue Thief Leather pipe urban river City Gehko Bindus: Rogue by IzzyMedrano on

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Boar Rider Dwarven Double Axe Warrior

m Dwarf Ranger barbarian with long red beard, wearing leather armor and helmet, wielding two single bladed axes and running alongside a Boar companion.