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Sleepy Lillipup by rosierjay on DeviantArt

for Dreamworld pokemon. still hoping that one day they will have a lillipup in a dreamball!

Mega Mawile by CRAZ1 on DeviantArt

I've finally muzzled up the courage to draw one of my most favorite Pokemon/Characters of all time~! HERE'S MEGA MAWILE!

So here's Ash's current team and Pokémon he has with Oak or in training. I'll be updating it with future captures/evolutions. ------------------------ FAQ ''I know Ash will catch xxx / xxx wil.

Mawile y Meloetta by LaahGata

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Day 316 - Mega Kucheat | Mawile by AutobotTesla on DeviantArt

Mawile's beauty and creepy backstory somehow makes it one of my favourite Pokémon. (The backstory with the starved child, the other I do not find appealing.

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