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Ghost wa Kiss wo Kirau - Ghost wa Kiss o Kirau - 2-- This looks like a Ghost Hunt FanFiction that made the jump to mainstream in its own right. Because if that isn't Mai and Naru, IDK what is

Ghost wa Kiss o Kirau scan en lecture en ligne [lel] Chapitre 1

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Ghost Hunt by Shiho Inada- A group of young priests, monks, ghost hunters, and other solve mysteries together, most of which caused by spirits and ghosts. It definitely had me creeped out at some point each chapter.

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Gray man, Blue Exorcist AND Ghost Hunt! There is so much win here! [My three favorite anime shows. I never realized that they all had exorcism in common!

Ghost Hunt (ending) OMG! I'm going to miss reading this manga!!! T^T

Read Ghost Hunt manga Chapter 12 Page 167 online.

Naru from Ghost Hunt totally looks like Sherlock!

"Naru from Ghost Hunt totally looks like Sherlock!" <---They're both British, so why not?