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Always LOSING things.. Seems like I'm LOSING EVERYONE that I LOVE...Everyone that MEANS anything to me... Utterly HEARTBROKEN!!! I would have been MEETING HIM this coming OCTOBER!!! That makes things FAR WORSE!!! April 21, 2016 feels a lot more PERSONAL because of that!!!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Prince Rogers Nelson for fans of Prince images.


Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos! Post them here!

I love this time period of 2011

When men will fight injustice instead of one another. It's not that far if we all say yes and only try. Then Heaven on Earth we will find.


When Prince was sharp, had kick-ass clothing done for him and actually had exceptional photographers versus hacks like Steve Parke. it's all about Classic Prince up in this board!

Goodnight....Sweet Prince

Posing with his Bike. I love how it's something so pedestrian as a bike and he make it seem like the coolest.