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African Grey Parrot Babies- adorable!
Sheep ~ Winter ❄
A Merlin (Falco columbarius) Another very small Falcon common in mountainous areas in Europe.
The Fabulous Faverolles- this hen is Salmon colored. Love these buxom beauties- love their feathered feet and their bearded faces
Felpudo FLOCK ARTE 75 x 45 cm Ref. 14581686 - Leroy Merlin. Felpudo FLOCK ARTE 75 X 45 CM. Felpudo poliester,excelente para atrapar el polvo y limpiar las suelas, fácil limpieza, para uso INTERIOR y exterior. 29,65€.
The name “Merlin” comes from esmerillon, the old French name for the species. Merlins used to be called “pigeon hawks” because in flight they look somewhat pigeon-like. Merlin pairs have been seen teaming up to hunt large flocks of waxwings: one Merlin flushes the flock by attacking from below; the other comes in moments later to take advantage of the confusion.
Papier peint flock sur intissé Kinky vintage, argent, larg. 0.52 m | Leroy Merlin