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The Knights of Camelot -  Why we Love Merlin

The Knights of Camelot - Why we Love Merlin

It makes me so sad to see how she started and what she became.

I am one of the select few in the Merlin fandom who like nice Morgana better than evil Morgana

I love the running joke between them but I also love that the entire series you saw Merlin progressing to become literally the best servant anybody could ever hope for...

Merlin (BBC) - I love how Arthur always says to Merlin he's the worst, and Merlin understands what he really means, but when it counts, when Arthur isn't sure if Merlin will make it, he says what was the underlying message the whole time.

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I absolutely LOVED simpleton Arthur! Hug that tree, Arthur.<<<< He's listening for wood worms

LOLZ! I felt so bad for Merlin!

The fact that he chose to let Gwen die to save Merlin says something y'all