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People say I post too much about religion and politics; I'm sorry, I forgot that social media was only for important things like pics of your dinner or cat. By all means, post another selfie!

Choosing Is Your Freedom So Choose Wisely! Discover my easy to follow Juicing Essentials Guide to kick your body into top gear. Interested in a Consultation with Jema? Get your Free Kick Starter package by sending your enquiry too: w: e:

Those who worry CONSTANTLY about what others think & about how to get others to notice them, need to realize no one puts nearly as much thought into them as they do of their own self!

The Crown Chakra is the place where the soul dances with the frequency that is now you. Bring it in. Bring it on. Let your light shine! All that you are and all that you have ever been is here, in this moment, and ready to assist you. You are it.

When the milk is splattered all over the floor, and those little eyes are looking at you for a reaction, remember what really matters. It takes 5 minutes to clean up spilled milk. It takes much longer to clean up a broken spirit. Rebecca Eanes

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