Story of my LIFE!!

this is close to exactly what my phone looks like every night.and I have my real alarm clock set is so hard for me to wake up in the morning!

Much needed

Texting has grown so much over the years. Its my major form of communication. I probably don't answer my phone, nearly three times the amount i text. I LOvE texting, its just so much easier to talk and get everything you need to say out at once.

hahaha, people who love this should start a club together.. #funny..

Pls no. Thx.

No Cash, No Hope, No Jobs. We must protect Kevin Bacon! Not so funny if "No Bacon" actually means "No Food".

Wake up.  Didn't I say wake up!  Getcho ass up!  Fine bitch, be late! #Time #Funny #iPhone

My husband will say this is me in the morning. Always hitting snooze or in this case setting multiple alarms.

you know you did!


how you doin'?I totally did read it in my mind in the exact voice of Joey! Oh how I LOVE Friends!

How to deal with a broken curfew

so glad my parents dont do this to me. buuuut im prolly gonna do it to my kids.(: so glad my parents dont do this to me. buuuut im prolly gonna do it to my kids.

.This Kid definitely needs to learn how to counter climb LOL 4 Me, It was like breathing lol

Never Mind Why, Go Get Mom Little kid with his jeans caught on a kitchen drawer handle. He is hanging upside down from the handle of the open drawer, while his sibling sits at the kitchen table and someone takes a picture of the poor kid.

Even just deciding to shave in the first place is a long, dragged-out process. | 25 Universal Horrors Of Hair Removal

25 Universal Horrors Of Hair Removal

Should you shave your legs? Hairy legs and jammies. Haha so true, I only put jammies on for my real friends. I'm never caught with hairy legs though ;

Me, ever need this? No....,,  I just lied to myself!

How many people do I know should have this on there phone. There should be a drunk dial option on ur phone. That way u can turn it on before you go out. Too funny. Friends O' Mine you know who u are.

Watching reruns of Fresh Prince makes me feel like a little kid again! Had to repost this, lol!

This is Perhaps the Best Use of Emoticons I've Ever Seen

Emoji Story - Will Smith! Fresh prince of bel air theme song

Reminds me of the time I thought my sister said she was "applying for colleges", but what she really said  "was at the gynecologist"

Funny pictures about Why men shouldn't take messages. Oh, and cool pics about Why men shouldn't take messages. Also, Why men shouldn't take messages.

Great response for the stupid 'K' text.

My mom texts me just the letter "K" ALL the time! It makes me sooooo angry. So I'm gonna send that reply to her :D

Who would do this?!?! That is soooo wrong! LMAO

I would be OCD as crap about this. OMG I would rip someone to shreds if they did this to my hubba bubba bubble tape.

Walmart bingo----too funny! I see of these things EVERY time I go to the Sulphur Springs Walmart!

Me, I have this

oh that's me. random fact: getting angry at people when we listen to them breathing or eating is called Misophonia, which is an actual brain disorder.