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Because Sudden Clarity Clarence just realized that 'boobytrap' spelled backwards is 'partyboob' -- the best of the Sudden Clarity Clarence meme!

That's so me!! Ancient Greece unit in social studies. I literally aced the pre-test. Kinda of, i got two wrong out of 20. still good though!!

Haven't read Percy Jackson but I was so into Greek and Roman mythology as a kid - this was me! it's step aside /mortals/ not peasants.

#wattpad #de-todo Que se acabe el libro no quiere decir que se acabe la diversión, por eso volvemos con más chistes para mestizos! Esta es una segunda parte de mi "historia ": chistes para mestizos. Si ya la has leído hola! Aquí te traigo más chistes! Y si no la has leído... bueno, tú decides si quieres hacerlo pero...

Chistes para mestizos...2! - ¡¡¡LEE EL LIBRO!!!

But I'd feel bad for damaging the precious book on his thickity thick face. // this also applies to any bad book-to-movie or tv adaptations. (Lookin at you City of Bones movie and Shadowhunters tv show) *cries for the wasted potential*

Ha ha ha I love it❤️

I'm not a geek! I'm Greek! But I'm also a geek. Now I'm just confusing myself.<<<< they also forgot the apostrophe

Best insult ever!

Roses are red violets are blue. It's called the sea of monsters not Percy Jackson two. The last movie sucked, it was not at all right, reread the books u idiots, and bring knowledge to light. I have met bread smarter than a lot of people!

It really works. That's so cool!

Random Stuff (mostly about my life and books) - Will percy Jackson ever die?… Θα Percy Jackson πεθάνει ποτέ (Percy Jackson will never die)

So true

I get so excited. I love reading stuff and being like "i would say that." Its even more perfect cause its a picture of percy jackson aka the sass master<<< You mean Persassy Jackson

The guy who created one of the greatest heroes of all time everybody...yip that's the guy we spend our money on...the guy who created blue food...normal person:Wow...THAT guy? Me: Don't ask...

The guy who created one of the greatest heroes of all time everybody.yip that's the guy we spend our money on.the guy who created blue food.THAT guy? Me: Don't ask.

Percy Jackson. Parenting done correctly.

Okay, I really want to meet this kid. Whoever you are, kid, the PJO/HoO fandom loves you!

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I love how Leo has his own chair. Are they afraid that he'll randomly catch fire during an exciting part of the movie? XD>>>> And Piper and Reyna are silently arguing while Jason sits on the floor like "OOOOHH COOL MOVIE!">>>> Percabeth looks comfortable