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The Karma belt will soon be available in purple stripe. $28.00

Sometimes we need a skinny belt too. The Karma flat elastic belt both eliminates the bulge in front of your pants and gives you a different style option. $28.00 #veganfashion

a flat nickel free buckle with brown adjustable elastic makes the Karma belt versatile and fun. $28.00 and

Pink lovers, you can now kind our Karma flat elastic belt in a pink-fuchsia stripe pattern! $28.00 #vegan #nickelfree

Here's a belt for everyone no matter what gender or body type: the Karma flat belt. Super-adjustable elastic and a flat nickel free buckle will make this one an instant classic. $28.00 and

The karma flat belt comes in the fun black argyle pattern to jazz up any outfit. #veganfashion $28.00

I am the Karma flat elastic belt. I will be your new best friend because I eliminate the bulge at the front of your pants. My buckle is flat and has an antique silver finish, which is nickel free. Who wants a big bulge on their stomach area when wearing a tight fitting sweater or …

Meet the "mini version" of our popular Seva flat belt called the Karma. Adjustable and keeps your tummy flat :) #veganfashion $28.00 and

The Karma belt can fit anyone while keeping the tummy flat. $28.00 and #veganfashion

The Karma flat belt is here! Keep your tummy flat with this special buckle. $28.00