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Hine Mizushima(水島ひね)

My new felt sculpture 'Space Cadet Sayuri Waiting for Danger' for an upcoming exhibition ‘Stitch Fetish curated by Ellen Schinderman, starts on Feb at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles!

宇宙指令 M-75: お悩み相談

【Hine Mizushima】Space Mission Lending A Friendly Ear ♥ Felt Needle Wool Doll

Дударик _ Мастерская Валентины Красновой

Дударик _ Мастерская Валентины Красновой

Hine Mizushima - Shelly and The Shells

Hiné Mizushima – Felt Sculptures

【Hine Mizushima】Shelly and The Shells ♥ Felt Needle Wool Doll