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Ready to add STEM to your classroom? Try our Back to School Fantasy STEM Lab Works!Your students will use the engineering design process to create a 3 dimensional model of a STEM classroom. They will plan and design furniture, storage and equipment that will be needed.

Awesome STEM engineering project with basic household materials! Fun way for kids to practice essential science skills (measurement, creating a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, using science tools, thinking like a scientist, and more) in a short amount of time.

Light Circuits: Depending on the grade level of the students, you can have them build a very simple circuit or a very complex circuit with both series and parallel circuits combined. For my students I have them use file folders in order to design and buil

STEM Challenges: This amazing challenge uses one basic material- Straws! Add a few more items and see if your students can build a suspended bucket that will hold weight!

Ready to add STEAM to your classroom? Try our Back to School All About Me Sculpture Works!Your students will create a sculpture of themselves, with at least one moveable part, that depicts their favorite hobbies and activities. Using the engineering design process the students will meet the following criteria:The sculpture must be able to stand upright on its own and be at least 12 inches tall.Two or more hobbies or activities must be represented.

If children are “engineering” their very own original designs, then they are doing the “E” in STEM. It’s the application of their prior knowledge in science, mathematics, and utilization of technology that they apply in order to create! All children are natural “STEMists!” #STEM #science #EngineeringDesignProcess

One Hundred Toothpicks: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM activity! What is the tallest free-standing tower you can build with 100 toothpicks and two cups of mini-marshmallows? $

STEM Design Challenges are fun, engaging activities that stimulate problem-solving and critical thinking for students, grades 2-8. (Paid product comes with modifications to add or decrease rigor for younger/older students.)

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