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Yellowjacket nest

Yellowjacket nest

The Hummingbird Nest - the hummingbird nest is so tiny it is not big enough for the babies as they grow, so the bird collects & weaves spider webs into the nest so it will expand as the babies grow. Amazing

Looking for hummingbird nests? They're small and often hidden, but this image by Bill Hilton Jr.via Operation Ruby Throat will give you an idea of what to look for. Do not remove any nests you find because hummers and other birds reuse their nests.

A smart, stylish pet and kid friendly smoke and CO2 detection alarm.  Eliminates those loud, scary false alarms that send your pets into a frenzy.  Speaks using a pleasant woman's voice.  Glows gently at night when it senses motion so that you can see without having to turn the lights on.

The Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector. Nest Protect thinks before it speaks, and can be monitored from your smartphone or tablet.

Milk crates..allows the chickens to comfortably roost at night. I want chickens!!!!!

15+ Chicken Nesting Box Hacks

Milk Cartons can be reused for tons of things! Here, they are used as colorful nesting boxes in a chicken coop!

Stork's nest Archita, Romania...I have seen these stork nest in Provence, in Southern France on the housetops. Are thought to bring good luck, sometime villagers put large wooden cart wheels with spokes on their roof to attract them to build their nest there.

White storks (Ciconia ciconia) nesting on a church spire. Photographed in Archita (Romania) by Bob Gibbons - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

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