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Bronze skull of marquis de sade - bronze more details on en.expertissim.com #BuyArtOnline

Bronze skull of marquis de sade

Macabre - Cabinet of Curiosities

The Two-Head Boy from Bengal

*INDIA ~ Hunterian Museum: London, England The skull of a young boy with a second imperfect skull attached to its anterior fontanelle. Sent to John Hunter from Bengal, India in the late

Antique Tibetan skull.

"Old Tibetan years old" Paulo Alexandre Toscano Simões's photo.

Metal skull. Skull is creepy but I like the detail in it maybe on something else.

Figurine Punk Rock Skull Ashtray In the enchanted world of Fairyland, our fairies are collectors favorites. Each charming figure is handcrafted with careful attention to detail, from the delicately carved wings to each figures floral adornment.


Life Size Mosaic Skull "Hermosa Muerto" at Anitasmosaics on Etsy - You can recreate this from the skulls at Spirit Halloween stores.

Carved Pearls

Hand Carved Pearl skulls Ring By Shinji Nakaba. I don't need a whole ring.

Two Faced skull. This looks fully adult with adult dentition. That meand this person survived, possibly past 18 years of age. Given the age of the skull I can only imagine what this poor person had to endure from the people he or she met.