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Ahh, what I would love to tell an ex boyfriend who broke my entire being..

I don't regret you but sometimes I wish I had walked away at the start & left things at hello.

I am not tall or handsome or even as fit as I would like to be.  I can grump and irritate as good as anyone.  But when it comes to loving you....it was easy, required little extra thought, what came out of me I did not know was there.

While you struggle, stress, try to get your life together, try to move on, try to be the "process". I am not replaceable. And I mean it in the most humble way possible. Good luck finding that again

I figure storms aren't always lightning & thunder....The fireball can really do some damage....No rain is a good thing...Ha!

The devil whispered in my ear, "You're not strong enough to withstand the storm." Today I whispered in the devil's ear, "I am the storm.

This was me for SO MANY years of my life. It's painful and keeps your heart from healing.

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