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Oh my fucking god

drinkyourfuckingmilk: an anon asked if I’d put erwin in slytherin or gryffindor and then this hogwarts veteran AU happened (levi feels connected to house elves),shingeki no kyojin,attack on titan,harry potter crossover

Community wall photos – 4,817 photos | VK

Community wall photos – 4,817 photos | VK

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SnK/AOT - I think Levi's great and Mikasa and how she's trying to put the whole bottle into eren's mouth XD<that's a chicken leg actually XD<<oh my god you're right XD but Levi tho hahah

I like the idea that they were childhood friends. It makes their friendship even more passionate and deep. This is so adorable holy crap.

My otp is Ereri but Hanji and Levi as kids and liking each other is too cute. Levi's blush in the last panel! Why no ship hanvi or levihan and it's too adorable

Attack on Titan ~~ I feel bad about pinning this, but the image of Levi and Erwin made me do it. ... omg ... Sorry....

Attack on Titan ~~ everyone is so fabulous! (and omg connie XD)

Levihan- because they're the only ones who get each other

This is why he likes Hanji the most bff hanji and Levi attack on titan -I connect with Levi on a personal level


This is what happens when someone tries to talk to me after a characters death. Aot lol but sadly ture.