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http://www.meganmedicalpt.com/ How the Clintons’ Haiti development plans succeed — and disappoint

Former first couple have helped raise millions for post-quake development, but some say the projects favor elites.

Make No Mistake America. ..

A lot knew it before he was elected first time.America wants God back in charge and being a respected and powerful country again! Just sorry that our first black president was a awful one

BENGHAZI;  obama, clinton nd all their minions would not recognize the truth, if it came up and bit them in their backsides

Obama and Hillary have so much to answer for. Hag Hillary Clinton, Butcher of Benghazi Dictator - in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, aka, Bath House Barry

This says more than the State of the Union Address of 2014.

The 10 Images Republicans Want You To See

"Please press button to hear a brief message from our President." LIKE this if you've had enough of Obama and his teleprompter's hot air!

Obama showing Americans how he really feel about them! Right back at you. IMPEACH OBAMA.

Obama showing Americans how he really feel about them! Worst mistake in the history of our country IMPEACH OBAMA.good bye worthless p.

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Father Daughter time: Help her learn to shoot like a confident secure girl and enjoy some time together.

Liberals claim Bush didn't do enough after Katrina, funny how silent they are when Obama continues to golf and enjoy his lavish vacation on our tax payer dollars.

Impeach obama and prosecute him for crimes against America and her people (Terrorist) Jail him as one and send him to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp – Prison Cuba /// Vote Donald Trump for President

WATCH: Cruz Crush Gun Control Zombie On True Meaning Of 2ND AMENDMENT | I'm glad he knows what he's talking about, but I just can't stand Ted Cruz's smarmy, "motivational speaker" demeanor. I could NOT listen to four years of SOTU addresses given by this guy! He speaks like he's reading from a script. He's a walking Saturday night Live skit. Somebody PLEASE tell Ted to STOP THE ACT!

Ted Cruz KILLS IT with answer on Second Amendment, background checks, and public opinion - Walid Shoebat

Meet the 6 heroes that died trying to save Bowe Bergdahl. This is the story Obama doesn't want you to read!

Seeing this Medal of Honor recipient flip the coin for the Super Bowl LII will make you proud to be an American

Clayton Bowen SSG Bowen died in August 2009 trying to save Bowe Bergdahl. The Texas native joined the Army at just The avid singer and former drill sergeant was just one month away from the end of his service and birthday when he died.

Infographic: How Ancient Egypt Shaped the Modern World | Mental Floss

Infographic: How Ancient Egypt Shaped the Modern World

Educational infographic & Data Best Ancient Egyptian Inventions - Fairmont Hotels Image Description Best Ancient Egyptian Inventions

Never thought I would ever see a meme on Kilts.  You gotta give those Scotsmen credit.

A kilted Scottish regiment is shown here during Kilts were worn in battle and typically had a kilt apron around it as well to hold weapons, gas masks, etc.

If you're one of those people who believes comparing Obama to Hitler is "spreading hate", please compare the two men's records and actions >> Hitler vowed to unite Germany - was loved unconditionally by his base - promised them massive entitlements - took over auto industry and healthcare - censored media - used unions to gain power - supported strict gun control - wanted large centralized government - had children sing him praises - had his own symbol - Sound familiar? We should be VERY…

War on mexican drug cartel essay Read this essay on Drug War in Mexico. What is the history behind the drug war, the drug cartels, and what is the US is doing to protect its citizens from this war.

Obama Blocks Black Teen Critic C.J. Pearson on Twitter (UPDATE: W.H. Denies; C.J.: “Outrageous”)  Kristinn Taylor Sep 23rd, 2015

Thirteen year-old CJ Pearson went off on Obama after the far left president invited a Muslim student to White House .