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Down Syndrome Dog & Puppy

Full list of the oldest dog breed in the world. All dogs are exotic and rare, even some of them were written in the ancient history.

Shih Tzu Christmas

Christmas Puppy - A Shih Tzu puppy sitting in a pile of red and gold tinsel garland.

Just hangin! ♥:

Our "new baby dog"(a Shidzu sp?) looks very much like this except much smaller. He has those great "smoky eyes":) I can't wait for little "Willzie/Wilson" to be hanging on my furniture!

Shih Tzu Cutie!

Area Puppy Still Recovering From July Bash A local shih-tzu named Alice is still a bit groggy two days after what neighbors are calling “an Independence Day blowout” of a party.

Beautiful Shih Tzus - Bing Images #shihtzu

Beautiful Shih Tzus - Bing Images #shihtzu