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See u in my dream tree.

I have quite a fondness for trees. Trees in design of all kinds and trees in photography too. This form of photographing trees is a favorite. I think that it's very creative and lends a unique,

Snow in Asheville, NC.... What I love about NC... You have the mountains just north of you and some of the most beautiful beaches east of you. The changing of the seasons are also one of my favorites to witness here.

A white world of snow and ice - ✯ Asheville, North Carolina

Planinsko polje XXVIX by Gorazd Kranjc. ☀

missdainamite: “ Planinsko polje by Gorazd Kranjc ” white snow, tree, winter, cold, photography

Incredible Ice Tree

Ice on a weeping willow tree. I took a picture similar to this one when i was approximately 15 years old, we had a tremendous ice storm in 1978 in MA.


15 Feet Of Pure White Snow - Nymfaio, Greece beautiful

Mt Ivancica, Croatia

Fire and ice, the golden glow of a sunset hovers over a frozen winter landscape

I miss snow. Not the cold, but how pretty snow is and how awesome it is to watch it fall. <3

Real Xmas Trees 01 by tree christmas💚🎅❄⛄🌙⛄❄🌀

The Bright Side of Life: October 2012

Winter Photography white tree barn snow by moonlightphotography. Reminds me of one of my gramals farms

Winter Tree in White

Lighting - Marius Popa - Pixdaus (this peaceful scene is approved by the Yosemite guides.

Stunning Winter Christmas

Another beautiful gift from God.Weeping Willow -- a favorite of mine in Summer & Winter This is just sooooo beautiful.