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There is no end to how cool Mother Nature is. These are birds flying together.

Increíbles fotografías de bandadas de estorninos bailando en el cielo

Murmurations - These are actually plastic bags representing birds, the artist seeking to question the fragility of the ecosystem against pollution.

The Coordinated Beauty of Thousands of Birds Moving In Sync

A murmuration of starlings. A flock of starlings is called a murmuration, an apt word because the flocks move like a rumor pulsing through a crowded room. This is a particularly beautiful murmuration observed in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Breathtaking Murmurations of Starlings

Murmuration of Starlings, Gretna Green, UK photo: Joan Thirlaway "Ring Around the Moon"

Stunning natural display as thousands of starlings form the shape ...

Safety in numbers: The starlings having a whale of a time

Starlings take on the shape of a whale as seen in Gretna Green, Scotland Flocks remain so incredibly cohesive - never leaving a bird isolated - when under attack by a bird of prey.

Murmuration of Starlings - Location unknown on November 22, 2013. (Note: there is a bird of prey above the star and the starlings group together for safety.) Photograp...

Starling murmuration season - in pictures

You Won't Believe These Patterns Created by Flocks of Birds in Flight

You Won't Believe These Patterns Created by Flocks of Birds in Flight

A murmuration of starlings. The link has many more pics of surprising patterns created by flocks of birds ~ Video

starlings in flight! Amazing video's on youtube!!!

'When mathematicians look at crowd behaviour, they see beautiful fractal patterns. In their eyes, we swoop and soar like a murmuration of starlings, all as one.

Delicious Dimension The murmurations of starlings

A flock of migrating starlings flying over a field near Netivot in Israel ©David Buimovitch