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11 Greek Islands To Visit On Less Than $50 / Day: I love Greece! I went there in 1998 as an 18-year old and had the best time ever. People are so friendly, it's an incredible atmosphere. Now I must make time to do some island hopping. Here are my top 11 island travel destinations in Greece!! #travel #greece #europe
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No thanks! -- Stunning but I already live close enough to the Arctic Circle for my liking!
This Is The Ultimate Road Trip Across The U.S.  For many, many years I've wanted to do this. It's on my bucket list, but now I can move it up on the list since it's all mapped out for me! There is so much beauty and there are so many wonderful people...right here at home! -bls 12/8/15
A list of the best places to travel when solo and on a budget. Basically, I selected five countries that: 1. Don’t break the bank 2. Are relatively safe 3. Offer good opportunities to meet other people (e.g. social hostels, many other solo backpackers) 4. Are some of my favorite countries in terms of activities, sights, people, food etc. :) I hope this list will offer you some travel inspiration for affordable and cool solo travel destinations! | By Bunch of Backpackers
this is definitely on my summer bucket list!! I might use my brothers truck and do this with some friends!
Crazy Teenage Bucket List Ideas - Bing Images  @Anna Totten Totten Totten Faunce Charlton @Cheyenne Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Housel @Tasha Adams Adams Adams Adams Garringer We need to do these :)
How fun - I remember talking about doing this with some of my friends in High School. How I would love to do this now with my husband. Take a whole summer and travel the USA. I believe this will be a must do on my bucket list!