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This part was so sad. Cassss

This part was so sad. Cassss

Fangirling over Dean, don't mind me.  *sudden realization* I've become one of them.... oh god what has happened to m........HEY LOOK DEAN.  I have issues okay don't talk to me T-T

I will never forget how my four year old re enacted this scene. I'm an awesome parent! << I spent a full ten minutes laughing at this scene

Son of a Bitch! Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - Dean Winchester

Son of a Bitch! Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - Dean Winchester---I can basically name each episode or say what was going on in each scene

Tumblr - Welcome to the Supernatural Fandom (I'm sure there's one where Dean was screaming, "Sammy!" Supernatural has an emotional side too!)

Say Hello to the Supernatural Fandom. It's on my list of fandoms to become addicted to. Just as soon as I finish with Doctor Who and Firefly.//Might watch Firefly as soon as I have finished doctor who, merlin and supernatural (and GoT)

Give death .... cookies?

Give death .... cookies?

Sammy Winchester and the Order of Pudding XD

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Supernatural - hiatus is not good to this fandom.>>They almost make Sherlockians seem sane, hunters can't handle the hiatus